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Spiel: Reshoot R erschienen

Amiga News - Čt, 30.05.2019 - 05:52

RESHOOT R released The Alternative Choice - St, 29.05.2019 - 20:51
Bombs away for RESHOOT R Modern action for retro platform Amigas Pürgen/ Übersee, 28 May 2019 The development studio spieleschreiber and the publisher APC&TCP today announce the availability of the retro action game RESHOOT R. After almost three years of development RESHOOT R finally lights up its laser cannons - as you'd expect, for original Amiga hardware. The horizontal scrolling Shoot'em-Up, in the style of classics like "R-Type", throws the player into an exciting space battle. In five elaborately designed themed worlds, fighter pilots fight side-by-side with the courageous space hero Aryn against the attacks of the evil Tars species. The action remains faithful to arcade traditions to combine elaborate high-end visuals with high-speed, demanding challenges. Fast gameplay, breathless dynamics, and exciting tension peaks, characterise the fight between the heroine and the ballet of attack waves. Extra weapons and power-ups support her in her fight for survival. If your battle is fought successfully, eternal glory awaits you in the automatically saved highscore list. In addition, here is a premiere for Amiga action games: Those pilots can enter their performance on an Internet ranking website and so they can compare their skills against those of other gamers. RESHOOT R is initially available as three seperate releases:- Download Edition, PURE Edition and SIGNATURE Edition. The PURE Edition includes the game on CD-ROM and a printed manual, the SIGNATURE Edition has the game on CD-ROM, with a printed manual that has the making-of Special and the soundtrack on a separate audio CD. The Audio CD soundtrack is also available separately. All Amiga products are now available in the online shop of APC&TCP Any specialist dealers, who want to offer RESHOOT R direct to their customers, then please contact APC&TCP by email for details. ABOUT RESHOOT R RESHOOT R is a 2D horizontal Shoot'em-Up in the style of those great arcade classics Silkworm, R-Type and Gradius. FEATURES * developed and programmed by industry veteran Richard Löwenstein * plays to the performance capabilities of the Amiga CD32, 1200 and 4000 * five themed arenas in elaborately designed retro design * Exciting attack waves and boss fights * Extra weapons and power-ups * multi-level scrolling, up to 100 objects on screen * 50 Hertz refresh rate ensures constant high-speed * more than 400 colours on screen * thrilling soundtrack and SFX play simultaneously * locally stored highscore list and additional Internet ranking option * runs on standard hardware of the A1200, A4000 and CD32, no add-ons required * tested on Amiga systems with 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 CPUs SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32 - Joystick or CD32 compatible pad - 2 MB chip memory, more memory supported - runs on compatible Amiga emulators on Windows, Mac and Linux More info: ABOUT spieleschreiber spieleschreiber is a development studio specialising in retro computer games. The founder and core of the team from P?in Upper Bavaria is games journalist Richard Löwenstein. Richard Löwenstein successfully developed computer games in the 1980s and wrote articles for the trade magazines, Happy Computer, 64er and Amiga Joker. RESHOOT R was in development for three years and was developed in co-operation with the entire retro community. Design, coding, production: Richard Löwenstein. Graphics: Kevin Saunders. Music and sound effects: Martin Ahman. More info: ABOUT APC&TCP APC&TCP has been active as a publisher for Amiga products for over 25 years. From APC&TCP come products like Amiga Future, Amiga Family, Flyin High, Marblelous, Pinball Brain Damage, CygnusED, Roadshow and much more. APC&TCP has tried for many years not only to publish High End Amiga games like RESHOOT R but also smaller projects like Trap Runner. APC&TCP is always on the lookout for interesting Amiga projects to publish.

Amigazyn 20 |

Polski Portal Amigowy - St, 29.05.2019 - 17:08
W drugiej połowie czerwca rozpocznie się wysyłka dwudziestego, jubileuszowego numeru Amigazynu. W numerze między innymi znalazła się recenzja programu GoADF!, test joysticków na Amidze i emulatorach, artykuł o renowacji i modyfikacji Amigi 1200, przegląd komputerów dla QEMU i systemu MorphOS, porównanie kart ACA 1233 i Apollo 1240 oraz konkurs z na...

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Reshoot-R w sprzedaży |

Polski Portal Amigowy - Út, 28.05.2019 - 16:53
Po trzech latach prac, na sklepowe półki trafiła gra RESHOOT R. Jest to strzelanina, reklamowana jako utrzymana w stylu klasyka "R-Type" czy "Gradius", która oferuje rozgrywkę na pięciu tematycznie odmiennych światach. Najlepsi destruktorzy kosmicznych eskadr najeźdźców mogą zapisać swoje wyczyny na liście zasłużonych, która przenoszona jest na int...

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AmiKit XE |

Polski Portal Amigowy - Út, 28.05.2019 - 16:49
Jan Zahurancik przygotował duże uaktualnienie pakietu emulatora Amigi dla systemów Windows, Mac i Linux. AmiKit XE (wersja 11) zawiera 20 nowych funkcji, 29 nowych programów i wtyczek, 6 nowych gier, 4 nowe wersje demonstracyjne i 22 aktualizacje oprogramowania. Nowy MorpheuZ oferuje teraz trzy kompletne domyślne tematy wizualne do wyboru plus osie...

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Cloanto vs Hyperion - dwa wnioski oddalone, jeden przyjęty |

Polski Portal Amigowy - Po, 27.05.2019 - 17:36
Sąd, rozpatrujący sprawę pozwu skierowanego przez Cloanto przeciwko Hyperion Entertainment w zakresie naruszeń Porozumienia (Settlement Agreement) zawartego w 2009 roku przez Amiga Inc. i Hyperion Entertainment oraz bezprawnego wykorzystania znaków towarowych, wniosek częściowo oddalił, a częściowo przyjął. Poparto linię obrony firmy Hyperion Ente...

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[S21] Une semaine d’actualité

Amiga Impact - Ne, 26.05.2019 - 07:01

Posadas party 2019

Posadas 2k19


[68k] Games Coffer: 6 jeux à télécharger
Air Taxi, Cubistix, Cubus, Emeraude Empire, Revolver et Skirmish.
A noter que le processus de téléchargement a été simplifié.

[68k] Un nouveau fangame Zelda se profile sur Amiga
Earok a dévoilé la première mouture de son Scorpion Engine destiné à l’Amiga.

[68k] Installateur(s) WHDLoad
Starray, Jim Power

[68k] Adom 3.3.3
Ancient Domains Of Mystery ‘Adom’ est un jeu vidéo de type rogue-like dans lequel le joueur doit stopper les forces du Chaos qui envahissent le monde d’Ancardia.
Version 68020 et 68040 également disponibles.

[AROS] Powermanga 0.93.1
Un shoot'em up avec plus de 60 ennemis différents et des améliorations d’armes.


MCE 11.31
Editeur des caractéristiques (personnages, scores, fichiers de sauvegarde) pour 84 jeux
Version OS4:
Version 68k:


[x86] WinUAE 4.2.1FR
La dernière version, traduite en français, du meilleur l'émulateur Commodore Amiga.


Site officiel:

[68k] Amiga Technical Ressource
Un site qui regroupe de nombreux schémas Amiga et des guides de réparation (en anglais)

[68k] Augmenter la Chip Ram d’un A500+ sans extension

[68k] OpenAmiga600 FastRam
Les schémas d’une extension mémoire de 4Mo à construire vous-mêmes

[68k] CF2IDE
CF2IDE is an adapter that makes Compact Flash mem cards easier to install inside any Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200.

[68k] Buddah Flash
Mise à jour du Firmware.

[68k] Boîtier ACA500
Les fichiers pour imprimer en 3D un boitier pouir votre ACA500


MorphOS – Volume Two
Livre en anglais qui traite de MorphOS et principalement du sujet d’amélioration des fonctions du système. ebook – 440 pages

Articles issus d’Amiga News Tech n°33
Obligement propose des articles issus d’Amiga News Tech n°33 (Mai 1992)


Crunch: le nouvel album musical de Pseudaxos en prévision pour 2019.

Workbench Nostalgia
Mise à jour du site sur le WB 2.1/3.0 et les informations relatives à la 68040.library

[ITW] Paolo Cattani
Entrevue avec Paolo Cattani, le développeur des jeux de course de la série Virtual GP.


One Day, one Démo: principe, (re)découvrir une démo Amiga par jour

[1D1D] Oo (2006) par Mankind

[1D1D] Cool Ska Cool (2007) par Up Rought

[1D1D] Panta Rhei (1993) par Talent

[1D1D] Bosnik Metal (1995) par Gigatron

[1D1D] Sensorium Hyperaesthesia (2013) par Software Failure

[1D1D] Midschool demo (2000) par Latex

[1D1D] 7th Heaven (1994) par Digital Dreams

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3D-Druck: Gehäuse für ACA500

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sidid.lha - utility/misc

OS4Depot - Čt, 23.05.2019 - 19:07
HVSC playroutine identity scanner
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siddump.lha - utility/misc

OS4Depot - Čt, 23.05.2019 - 19:06
C64 music debug output utility
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