MorphOS Software

Report+ 7.93+

ReAction-based utility with nine functions: It is a user-friendly, compatible replacement for the official Commodore bug reporting tool (V40.2), optionally sending emails automatically. It can generate/edit Aminet-style and OS4Depot-style readmes. It can edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory. It can access the official manufacturer and product ID registries. It can view IFF/RIFF files and their component chunks. It can perform batch processing on icon files. It can convert between various ASCII encodings. It can show directory byte usage for any path, optionally also fixing protection bits and/or deleting files. It can take a snapshot of a path and later compare the path against this, showing added, missing and changed files. (release date: 2020-09-14)
Kategorie: MorphOS Software

AmiArcadia 26.8

Signetics-based machines emulator (release date: 2020-09-22)
Kategorie: MorphOS Software

WormWars 9.23

advanced Tron or Snake-style arcade game for up to 4 simultaneous players (release date: 2020-08-02)
Kategorie: MorphOS Software

MCE 12.2

Multi-game Character Editor - editing of character files, saved games and high score tables for 68 games (release date: 2020-09-27)
Kategorie: MorphOS Software

HWP_RebelSDL 1.1

SDL scripting with Hollywood (release date: 2020-09-27)
Kategorie: MorphOS Software
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