MySQL AB: Genesi USA - MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner

Společnost MySQL AB zařadila firmu Genesi USA Inc. (PegasosPPC I, II a EFIKA) mezi partnery připravené pro MySQL Enterprise ("MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner").

MySQLGenesi USA Inc.

Originální záznam na stránkách MySQL AB:

Genesi USA Inc.

Genesi designs, develops and produces CHRP/IEEE 1275 based computing products that bring Power Architecture™ technology, flexibility, and efficiency to the low-end server market at an affordable price.

Genesi is focused on providing support for MySQL 5.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit Power Architecture GNU/Linux platforms.

Genesi, like MySQL, is steadfastly committed to the open source community and we share a common vision of open source allowing customers choice over technology genuinely serving vendors and customers, as opposed to proprietary operating environments.

Phone: 210 829 5500

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