Odyssey Web Browser 1.21 pro MorphOS

Fabien Coeurjoly (fab) vydal novou verzi internetového prohlížeče Odyssey Web Browser 1.21. Nová verze obsahuje spoustu změn (viz níže). Byla např. přidána nová funkce topsites://, která zobrazuje náhledy nejpoužívanějších stránek a dále bylo samozřejmě aktualizováno jádro WebKit.

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Kompletní seznam změn v angličtině:


  • Updated to WebKit r155188 (October 2013) : big changes (and thus regressions :)) happened in many parts of WebKit since previous Odyssey release (clipboard, drag'n'drop, network, javascript, inspector, c++0x requirements, ...). They should hopefully all be addressed.
  • Updated to the new Webinspector layout. 
  • Fixed the layout of the FTP listing, so that the rows don't use all the available vertical space.
  • Fixed a crash with self-disposing
  • Localstorage databases (conf/localstorage/#?.localstorage) were not released at exit, which prevented from deleting them manually.
  • Disabled non functional HTML5 MediaSource (it should help with some non-working YouTube links in HTML5 mode).
  • Fixed a bug with the "view source code" function that would sometimes just show a blank view.
  • The mimetype actions would not always be triggered properly in some cases (mainly because of redirections or content-disposition header). The response URL (or content-disposition filename if available) is now used when extension matching is needed.
  • Added more common mimetype extensions in mimetype default configuration.
  • Fixed a potential race condition at webview closing.


  • Contextual cursor was sometimes not reset to normal cursor when leaving the webview area.
  • Added proxy support in network prefs section.
  • If webinspector is enabled, webinspector button is now also shown in navigation toolbar.
  • Added "TopSites" feature, showing most recently visited sites thumbnails. This page can be accessed from "topsites://" URL. Feel free to make suggestions about this new option. :)
  • Ambient deficons are now shown in file input controls (MorphOS 3.4+ required).
  • Ambient deficons are now shown in download manager lists (MorphOS 3.4+ required).
  • Select all the text in the search string when searching for text in a page.
  • Close google and history suggestion popup lists when the text is fully erased.
  • Added a "start downloads automatically" option, which allows to skip the file requester step.
  • Added a status icon to indicate if userscripts are running on a given page. The bubble help on this icon also shows which userscripts are actually running.
  • In bookmarks window, quicklinks favicons and URL are now displayed, to make it easier to create and identify title-less quick links.
  • Added support for multiple selection with file input elements.
  • Show FTP URL as window/tab title, instead of a blank title.
  • In image views, show the image filename instead of "unnamed title".
  • Implemented HTML5 ColorChooser dialog, using MUI Colorwheel.
  • Added a filename popup gadget for mimetype viewer.
  • Added a new page URL option (defaults to "topsites: / /").
  • Also show column number in javascript error/warning messages.

Media player:

  • Updated to ffmpeg from 27.11.2013. 
  • Enabled support for VP9 codec.
  • Audio-only media could sometimes report a null duration : in practice, it fixes a hard crash with Facebook chat audio notifications.
  • Fixed a 32bits overflow with audio-only media: the visible effect was that the player would stop updating time controls at 2:32.
  • Added more sanity checks in ffmpeg support.


  • Reimplemented HTTP authentication to be more compliant. It should also fix a crash that happened when cancelling the authentication requester in some cases. 
  • Added support for multipart contents. 
  • Fixed potential crashes with data: URI handling.
  • Fixed an illegal memory access that would sometimes happen at exit, when FTP was used.


  • Misspelled words are now underlined in red instead of black.


  • Updated YouTube_Fullscreen_Fix.js: fullscreen mode should work again. It also replaces all youtube links in right column so that the page is reloaded when clicking them, allowing the script to be executed again.
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