SCANdal 1.5 pro MorphOS

Michal 'rzookol' Zukowski vydává novou betaverzi programu SCANdal 1.5 (dříve MUI Scan) pro MorphOS. SCANdal je skenovací utilitka, která podporuje BetaScan ovladače. Na Aminetu jsou k nalezení BetaScan ovladače pro skenery Apple, Canon, Epson, HP ScanJet, Microtek, Umax a další.

Pro skenery Epson a Umax již navíc rzookol vytvořil novější MorphOS nativní SANE/BetaScan verze ovladačů - ke stažení: epsonusb_morphos a umax_morphos.

YouTube video programu SCANdal na MorphOS v akci:

Seznam novinek v SCANdal 1.5:

  • Fixes, fixes, FiXES ...
  • Halftones, sharpness and threshold support
  • Sliders show float values
  • Major rework of options handling
  • Saving projects (default + named ones) and loading default automatically during Connect, projects are active only after connecting to the scanner
  • Premiliary AREXX commands support with a help of Czeko who also did some cleanup in the code
    SAVE NAME/K/A,FORMAT/N/A, if You want some other Arexx api added just write an email to me
  • Major rework of device prefs, one can select connection type (USB or other) to avoid confusion
  • "Connect at startup" switch in prefs which automatically set tooltype in the icon
  • Hidding bottom panel
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