Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.5

Fabien Coeurjoly (fab) vydává novou verzi MorphOS webového prohlížeče OWB 1.5. Origyn Web Browser je založený na silném jádru WebKit, které používá také prohlížeč Apple Safari nebo Google Chrome. V nové verzi bylo aktualizováno jádro OWB na SVN r1092, byla přidána podpora lokalizace a další - viz níže kompletní seznam novinek.

Logo OWB - MorphOS Verze

Kompletní seznam novinek ve verzi 1.5 (17.10.2009):

  • Updated to OWB SVN r1092
  • Updated to Curl 7.19.6
  • Added Locale support: get to work, translators. :)
  • Made webview links, quicklinks and bookmark entries draggable
  • Made webview, tabs, "new tab" button, "add to bookmark" button, quicklink group, URL string and bookmark window droppable
  • Implemented (optional) Favicon support. They are displayed in tabs, history panel, bookmark, bookmark panel and quicklinks
  • Added save/restore session menu entries in project menu
  • Made restore session requester at startup optional
  • Added password manager for auth and forms (for forms, enable "save form credentials" in options)
  • Moved the experimental cookie system ENV var option to "settings/network" settings
  • Added cookie manager (designed to work with experimental cookie system)
  • Added common user agents in "settings/network" (OWB_USER_AGENT env var still overrides if you set it)
  • Added "Ignore SSL Errors" and certificate path to "settings/security"
  • Added application/force-download and application/octet-stream to the default mimetype list
  • Allows file download in "READWRITE" mode (which allows previewing during download)
  • Added history sidepanel
  • Made bookmark sidepanel update faster
  • Added "History" pulldown menu with recently visited entries and recently closed tabs submenu
  • Focus to progress/done/error tab in download window when related events occur
  • Setting file comment doesn't fail anymore if the URL length is > 79 characters
  • Download window wouldn't autoclose anymore if a download requester had been previously cancelled
  • Fixed "417" HTTP code response. Should fix mail sending with imp.free.fr, for instance
  • Fixed a memory leak with history handling
  • Fixed date handling
  • Take argument URL into account when restoring session at startup
  • Fixed an illegal access issue and other bugs with the new OWB cookie system
  • Added some memory checks in strategic places in WebKit to avoid crashing if there's not enough memory (but don't expect it to be bullet-proof anyway. WebKit is just not designed to handle properly low-memory cases)
  • Show a nice requester when Webkit decides to crash because it can't deal with failed memory allocations. Also free the whole heap memory in that case.

Ke stažení:


http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/owb-morphos-1.5-nosvg.lha (bez podpory SVG - pro EFIKY s málo RAM)

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Obrázek uživatele Bestík
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.5

Cesky katalog je prakticky hotovy. Brzy bude pro vsechny. Celkove ten program vypada cim dal lip

Obrázek uživatele ghh
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.5

V čem děláš ten katalog ? Chtěl bych taky něco přeložit.

Amiga DraCo PegasosII G4 G5

Obrázek uživatele Bestík
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.5

Prekladam v registrovane verzi UCT - Uniiversal Catalog Translator. Ono je tech programku vic, me vyhovuje tenhle. Muzes pouzit i jine,  CatEdit, ReCatIt, EasyCatalog, TransCat... 

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