Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 medií

Fabien Coeurjoly (fab) vydává novou verzi MorphOS webového prohlížeče OWB 1.7. Origyn Web Browser je založený na silném jádru WebKit, které používá také prohlížeč Apple Safari nebo Google Chrome. V nové verzi bylo aktualizováno jádro OWB na SVN r1369 a implementován HTML5 media backend pro přehrávání multimedií na internetu (podpora pro nejčastější formáty: Ogg/Theora/Vorbis, MPEG4, H264, AAC, MP3, Wav, ...). Viz níže kompletní seznam novinek.

HTML5 video podporu na Youtube si zapněte na adrese: http://www.youtube.com/html5

Fungují i další video portály - příklady odkazů viz níže.

OWB 1.7

Kompletní seznam novinek ve verzi 1.7 (04.03.2010):

  • Updated to OWB SVN r1369
  • Updated to Curl 7.20
  • Implemented HTML5 Media backend (<VIDEO> and <AUDIO>) through FFMpeg:
  • Known issues/limitations:
    • Audio output uses AHI music unit at the moment, which is unfortunately exclusive. It's still possible to play several sounds at once with this mode, by setting AHI music unit to: "Unit 0: <mode>".
    • Each media instance requires one exec signal in OWB main task, which means there can be 5 concurrent media players at most (depending on other OWB options that can also eat signals).
    • Fullscreen mode isn't implemented yet.
    • The whole media is stored in memory (sorry for this one, it will be handled in a more elegant way later).
  • Added search engine configuration window
  • Implemented JavaScript window modes for popups (no toolbar, no status, window size, ...).
  • Improved keyboard support, more texteditor shortcuts work now: ctrl+a (select all), ctrl+[shift]+z (undo/redo), ctrl+b/u/i (bold,underline,italic), ...
  • It also makes http://www.konamicodesites.com work properly. :)
  • Added ctrl+wheel combination to zoom in/out
  • Added an option to make navigation toolbar frameless
  • Reworked navigation buttons: buttons now have hover and selection effects (note that brushes are not in .mim format anymore)
  • Added dynamic frame for quicklinks in borderless mode
  • Added optional horizontal separators between navigation, quicklinks and address groups
  • Added status images for local/internet/secure/insecure areas
  • Added optional validation buttons for URL and search strings
  • Added balance between URL and search groups (balance appears on mouse hover)
  • Reworked history popup in completion mode, so that the typed text is shown (as bold/underline) in the matching entries in the list
  • Added "Open all bookmarks" entry for quicklinks folder items
  • Added SOURCE/S argument to OPEN REXX command to open current browser source view
  • Added %p placeholder for contextmenu and mimetype actions, referring to OWB REXX port name
  • In download manager, hilight tab title instead of switching page, when a new event occurs
  • Allow to restart a finished download too
  • Changed options regarding session restoration at startup (always/ask/never)
  • Slight adjustments in cookie parsing (fixes MobileMe)
  • Don't show authorization window with uncomplete 401 responses
  • Added more checks to know if a file can actually be resumed
  • The form credentials saving system now allows to ignore some sites, by pressing "never" button, when asked if credentials should be saved
  • Hid the password column in passwords window (it can be shown with contextmenu over list header)
  • Selecting an entry in the contextmenu of back/forward buttons no longer modifies the back/forward list
  • Don't focus to URL string anymore if a window was not manually opened
  • Don't render cairo surfaces for active browser when the program is iconified
  • Disable gzip on-the-fly decompression when downloading, since it seems to create some confusion
  • Favicon database was active even if favicons were disabled
  • Minor fixes in bookmark/quicklink handling
  • Fixed an encoding issue with the site titles in history database
  • Fixed an issue with middlebutton handling when sidepanels are enabled
  • Fixed a possible race in private static objects instanciation in WebKit (actually it's a gcc "bug")
  • Removed the lame googlemap bug workaround and integrated the proper fix from WebKit
  • Changed some options defaults: history popup, network thread, experimental cookies and favicons are now enabled by default

IMPORTANT: if you're using experimental cookies (which I strongly suggest), make sure to delete previous conf/cookieDatabase.db, since some OWB generic fixes affected it, else you might encounter non-functional logins or similar bogus behaviour

Ke stažení:


http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/owb-morphos-1.7-nosvg.lha (bez podpory SVG - pro EFIKY s málo RAM)

http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/plugins/swfdec_plugin-1.2.lha (Flash plugin pro OWB - do adresáře plugins/)

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Obrázek uživatele ghh
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 ...

Superb prohlížeč ! Zdá se mi svižnější a vůbec dobrá práce.

Amiga DraCo PegasosII G4 G5

Obrázek uživatele About
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 ...

Hned jsem ho včera otestoval a videa na Youtube běhají skvěle. Dokonce mi jde už i zvuk, který mi předtím nešel. Skvělá práce. 

Obrázek uživatele Wawe
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 ...


Tak sem stahl novy OWB . Bohuzel na MACMINI nejde zvuk videi , prehravani je pomale a po par vterinach se ztrati obraz , i kdyz prehravani jakoby jelo dal. OWB se zda byt sviznejsi. Kazdopadne je to kus poradne prace.


Obrázek uživatele About
Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 ...

Ahoj. Me vcera taky nesel zvuk, v readme pisou ze AHI by melo byt n unit 0. Kdyz jsem to nastavil tak mi vcera zvuk sel. Dneska uz ale zase nejde. Preci jenom je to beta, urcite to opravi.

Registrován na nové verzi webu: 13.09.2008
Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.7 s podporou HTML5 ...

no, html5 funguje pekne, jeste by to chtelo samozrejme doladit ten flash, rad bych zjizdel stranky wimp.com :)


baj, MarK.


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