Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.8

Fabien Coeurjoly (fab) vydává novou verzi MorphOS webového prohlížeče OWB 1.8. Origyn Web Browser je založený na silném jádru WebKit, které používá také prohlížeč Apple Safari nebo Google Chrome. V nové verzi bylo aktualizováno jádro OWB na SVN r1458. OWB 1.8 příchází s novou podporou celoobrazovkového HTML5 videa pomocí overlay a uživatelských skriptů (podobné GreaceMonkey). Celoobrazovkový režim přehrávání videa drasticky snižuje nároky na CPU - zrychlení asi o 300% na YouTube 360p obsahu.

OWB MorphOS logo

Opět je k dispozici OWB prohlížeč ve dvou verzích - verze bez podpory vektorového formátu SVG (k dispozici také na MorphOS 2.5 CD) a plná verze s podporou SVG náročnější na místo na disku i paměť.

Změny v OWB 1.8 (04.06.2010):

  • Updated to OWB SVN r1458
  • Updated to CURL 7.20.1 and implemented a threaded DNS resolver, which prevents OWB network task from being blocked until a DNS resolution is finished.
  • Updated to PixMan 0.18.0.
  • Implemented fullscreen mode for HTML5 video, using overlay. In this mode, the CPU usage is reduced drastically (about 300% speedup for youtube 360p content). 
  • Added a "switch to fullscreen" context menu entry for plain HTML5 video elements.
  • Fixed some possible audio glitches due to an error in buffer management.
  • Fixed some minor issues in MediaPlayer timeline handling.
  • Implemented an userscript manager (GreaseMonkey-like). In practice, it means a webpage can be modified on-the-fly with a JavaScript script.
    In Scripts/ directory, two examples can be found:
    • hello.js: a simple example to illustrate the script functionality.
    • youtube.js: when applied to a youtube link (in Flash mode), this script adds direct links to the video, and replaces the Flash element by a HTML5 Video element. I suggest adding &fmt=18 to the youtube link to play the 360p mp4 version by default.
  • To be noted scripts are only injected to tabs/windows created after their addition in the script manager.
  • Use MorphOS 2.x charsets.library for UTF8->local conversions (if available).
  • Added icons for "add bookmark" and "bookmarks" buttons.
  • Added ctrl+pgup/pgdown shortcut to cycle between tabs.
  • Added a search string for bookmarks and history panels.
  • Added a "copy to clipboard" contextmenu entry for network activity window.
  • Tabs can be now be dragged too (MorphOS 2.5 required).
  • When dropping a tab to bookmarks or quicklinks, use the site title instead of "no title".
  • Disable gzip on-the-fly decompression when downloading gzip files.
  • Copying UTF8 strings to system clipboard from contextmenu could result in truncated strings.
  • Adjusted timer to postpone short requests when they are too frequent, since they could cause high CPU usage in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in download manager when a download connection fails before even asking for destination.
  • Fixed some NULL pointer read access in OWB fontcache, when no fonts are found.
  • Fixed some more minor memory leaks in OWB API usage.

Poznámky k YouTube a HTML5:

  • You can enable HTML5 in YouTube by going to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and follow instructions (no account needed).
  • Youtube broke the "fullscreen" mode just before this release. I supplied an userscript in Scripts/ to fix it: go to windows->scripts and add Scripts/Youtube_Fullscreen_Fix.js. Once it's effective, fullscreen mode will use overlay (i.e much faster).
  • Don't forget to read notes about sound in "Preempted rants" section. :)

Ke stažení:


http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/plugins/swfdec_plugin-1.2.lha (Flash plugin pro OWB - do adresáře plugins/)

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Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.8

Atˇ dělám co dělám, video na youtube mi to nepřehraje. Prej atˇ si stáhnu novou verzi flash playeru... 


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Re: Origyn Web Browser - MorphOS verze 1.8

musis si na strankach Youtube nastavit prohlizeni video v HTML5 misto flash... Staci cist dokumentace...

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